December 8, 2016

On March 31, 1992, a mere six months after Guns N' Roses released two albums on the same day, Bruce Springsteen released two albums on the same day. They were called Human Touch and Lucky Town and are considered by most Springsteen fans to be low points in the Boss' career. In keeping with the twins theme Rock and/or Roll is releasing two episodes of Gettin' Bossy on the same day! On this episode, entitled Human Town, BJ and his Gettin' Bossy co-host Brian Sword from The Double Stop take a look at how Bruce ended up out in sunny California instead of New Jersey making an album with studio musicians instead of the E Street Band. Then BJ and Brian have each taken the 24 songs that made up the Human Touch and Lucky Town albums and from that group of songs chosen and sequenced one album's worth of material in the spirit of "what could have been." At the end of this episode BJ describes the album that he constructed from the available material, an imaginary album called Human Town.