March 10, 2016

BJ is once again joined by Brian Sword from The Double Stop podcast for the second episode in an ongoing series they're calling "Gettin' Bossy." On episode #64 of the podcast the pair discussed Bruce Springsteen's 1982 album Nebraska and for this episode they decided to tackle the new Springsteen box set called The Ties That Bind: The River Collection. In October of 1979 Bruce Springsteen delivered a completed album to be called The Ties That Bind to his record label, only to change his mind before the record could be released. A year later he would release a 20 song double album called The River. During this period Bruce and the E Street band reportedly worked on as many as 90 songs and many of these outtakes are also included in the new box set. BJ and Brian decided to imagine an alternate reality wherein the original The Ties That Bind album had been released and working within this reality each constructed his own album from the remaining songs, those that eventually made it onto The River and those that did not, to create what could have been Bruce Springsteen's sixth album and follow-up to The Ties That Bind.